Are Arena Nosebleed Seats Worth it? [300 Level Upper Deck Tickets Los Angeles]

Looking to attend a Arena event, but working on a tight budget? Don’t worry, there are many affordable upper level Arena seats that provide a great atmosphere with quality views. Some seats are better than others. What are the best Arena nosebleed seats? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Best Arena Nosebleed Seats – Upper Level Arena seats are affordable and offer a unique panoramic view of events. Sections 307-312 are great for concerts since they are centered and provide the most direct view of the stag. For sporting events like Lakers and Clippers games, the sideline sections in the 300 Level are considered to offer the best views of the court. I like to use Vivid Seats to buy tickets because they provide you a view from the seat so you can decide yourself whether or not the view will please you. Click here to view Arena seats currently available at Vivid Seats (paid affiliate link takes you to

In this article let’s take a closer look at the 300 level Arena nosebleed seats so you have a better idea whether or not these seats make sense for you. Let’s also discuss how to best purchase these types of tickets.

Are Arena Upper Level Seats Worth It?

Yes, Arena upper level seats are worth it as long as you choose a section that makes sense for the event you are attending.

For concerts, sections 307-312 are often considered to be the best Arena nosebleed seats. These sections are along the upper bowl which gives you a straight-line view of the stage.

For sporting events (such as hockey and basketball), the sideline sections provide the best vantage points. The sideline upper level Arena 316-320 and 301-303 and 333-334.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Upper bowl seats are consistently among the most affordable options in the arena.
  • Wide-Angle Views: These seats offer panoramic views of the entire arena, providing a comprehensive perspective of the event.
  • Vibrant Atmosphere: The upper bowl is known for its lively crowd, enhancing the excitement and energy of the event.
  • Access to Amenities: Despite their location, these seats maintain convenient access to essential amenities like concessions and restrooms.
  • Strategic Positioning for Events: Some upper bowl sections offer excellent angled views, particularly advantageous for certain concerts and sports events.


  • Remote from Action: The upper bowl seats are the farthest from the stage or court, impacting detailed viewing.
  • Sound Clarity Issues: The elevation of these seats can affect the sound quality.
  • Risk of Obstructed Views: Certain upper bowl seats may have obstructed views due to structural elements or specific event layouts (depends on the event).
  • Challenging Accessibility: These seats can be less accessible, particularly for guests with mobility issues.
  • Less Personal Experience: The distance from the stage or court can make events feel less intimate compared to seating in lower sections.

What Makes Nosebleed Seats Different

The upper bowl seats at Arena have several unique features that set them apart from similar seats in other arenas. One of the most distinctive aspects of these seats is their position relative to the rest of the arena’s seating arrangement. Due to the three levels of luxury suites at Arena, the upper deck (300 level) is positioned quite high. This high positioning offers a different viewing experience compared to many other arenas.

Despite their elevation, the nosebleed seats at Arena are known to provide good views, especially in the lower rows of the 300 level seating. Attendees often feel as though they are right on top of the action, whether it’s a sports game or a concert. This can be attributed to the arena’s design, which, despite the height, doesn’t push these seats too far back from the action. arena is undergoing significant renovations and upgrades, which include enhancing the fan experience. This involves creating new spaces and improving existing amenities, which will likely impact all seating areas, including the upper bowl. These upgrades are part of a multimillion-dollar campaign aimed at rejuvenating the arena, focusing on aspects like new jumbo screens, updated concession stands, and better sound systems.

The emphasis on fan experience in these renovations indicates a commitment to ensuring that all Arena seats, including those in the upper bowl, offer a high-quality experience. This approach is reflective of the trends in modern stadium design and management, where the focus is not just on the view from the seat but also on the overall experience of attending an event.

For a more detailed insight into the ongoing renovations and upgrades at Arena, which are set to enhance the experience across all seating levels including the upper bowl, you can read more about these developments in the Los Angeles Times article that delves deeper into the specific changes being made​​. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the multimillion-dollar efforts to rejuvenate the arena and its impact on the fan experience.

Which Arena Nosebleed Seats are Most Accessible?

In terms of accessibility, the upper sections of Arena offer several features that enhance the experience for all guests, including those with special needs. The arena is equipped with elevators that access all public areas, making it easier for guests requiring special assistance to reach their seats. Additionally, all restroom facilities at the arena are wheelchair accessible and clearly marked, with five All Gender restrooms available across various levels, including the Upper Concourse.

For those with sensory sensitivities, Arena has partnered with KultureCity to provide sensory bags, weighted lap pads, and quiet areas, ensuring a more comfortable and inclusive experience. These resources are available at Guest Services on both the Main and Upper Concourses.

Regarding seating options, the 300 Level, also known as the Upper Concourse, is the highest area in the arena and offers the most economical ticket prices. The entrances to each section in this level begin at Row 3, allowing for easier access. Sitting in a lower row in the 300 Level can provide better views and easier access to amenities like restrooms and concession stands.

For specific events, certain sections in the 300 Level are recommended for optimal viewing experiences. For instance, sideline sections offer the best views for Lakers and Clippers games, while for concerts, sections like 319 and 334 are closest to the stage and provide a surprisingly good view.

It’s important to note that some fans have mentioned that the Upper Concourse can feel quite high and removed from the action, especially due to the large block of Suites separating this level from the lower seating bowl. To mitigate this, it’s advisable to choose seats in a lower row or consider other seating areas for a closer view of the event.

Where to buy Arena Upper Level Seats

Buying Arena Upper Level Seats from the Ticket Office

The main ticket office at Arena is located on the north side of the arena off of Chick Hearn Court, just west of the intersection of 11th and Figueroa (view this area). If you would rather purchase tickets online, this is where you can do that.

It is important to understand, if you are hoping to walkup and buy event tickets at Arena for an event that same day, there may not be tickets available if the event is already sold out. Checking availability prior to the event is advised (or purchase your tickets online instead of waiting to buy at the arena).  

If the event is soldout, you can still purchase nosebleed Arena tickets through the secondary ticket market.

Second Ticket Marketplace for Arena Upper Level Seats

The secondary ticket market provides an opportunity for fans to purchase tickets even after they have sold out through the primary market. This allows individuals who missed out on the initial event ticket release to still attend the event.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • The secondary market often offers a wide range of ticket options, including anything from premium seating to the cheaper nosebleed seats. This allows fans to choose tickets that suit their preferences and budget. Some fans like the ability to shop around at different ticket sites to find a price and seat that makes sense for them.
  • The re-sell market can be particularly useful for individuals who decide to attend a Arena event on short notice. It provides a platform for last minute Arena tickets, allowing fans to find and buy tickets even hours before the event starts.
  • One of the significant drawbacks of the secondary market is that ticket prices are typically higher than their face value. Sellers in the secondary market often set prices based on demand, scarcity, opponent, and other market factors (we discuss this more in the next section).

The re-sell ticket market is also susceptible to counterfeit tickets and fraudulent sellers. It’s important to exercise caution and purchase tickets from reputable platforms to minimize the risk of encountering fake tickets. Most reputable platforms have consumer protection guarantees.

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How’s the Leg Room in Arena Upper Level?

The legroom of upper level (300 Level) seats at Arena is generally regarded as comfortable, with ample space for most guests.

Reviews of the 300 Level seating frequently mention the comfortable seating arrangements and the generous amount of legroom provided. In addition to the comfort of the seating itself, guests in the 300 Level also appreciate the easy access to concessions and restrooms, which contributes to a hassle-free experience.

It’s also important to note that while the 300 Level offers an excellent balance between proximity to the event and affordability, some fans have mentioned that this level can feel quite high and removed from the action. However, the comfort of the seating, including the legroom, seems to consistently receive positive feedback from event-goers who buy Arena nosebleed seats.

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