Are Footprint Center Nosebleed Seats Worth it? [200 Level Upper Deck Tickets Phoenix]

Looking to attend a Footprint Center event, but working on a tight budget? Don’t worry, there are many affordable upper level Footprint Center seats that provide a great atmosphere with quality views. Some seats are better than others. What are the best Footprint Center nosebleed seats? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Best Footprint Center Nosebleed Seats – Upper Level Footprint Center seats are affordable and offer a unique panoramic view of events. Sections 209-213 are great for concerts since they are centered and provide the most direct view of the stage. For sporting events like Suns games, the sideline sections in the 200 Level are considered to offer the best views of the court. I like to use Vivid Seats to buy tickets because they provide you a view from the seat so you can decide yourself whether or not the view will please you. Click here to view Footprint Center seats currently available at Vivid Seats (paid affiliate link takes you to

In this article let’s take a closer look at the 200 level Footprint Center nosebleed seats so you have a better idea whether or not these seats make sense for you. Let’s also discuss how to best purchase these types of tickets.

Are Footprint Center Upper Level Seats Worth It?

Yes, Footprint Center upper level seats are worth it if you find the right section appropriate for your event. Upper level seats at the Footprint Center in Phoenix offer a range of experiences, which can be worthwhile depending on your preferences and the type of event you’re attending.

For Footprint Center NBA Basketball Games:

  • 200 Level Sideline Seating: These seats, particularly in sections 201-205 and 217-221, are a good choice. Sections 203 and 219, right at center court, are especially notable for their balanced views. The first six rows in sections 202, 204, 218, and 220 are recommended for their excellent views and easy concourse access.
  • 200 Level Corner Seating: These seats provide good value. Though they don’t offer a center court view, they are closer to the action than similar seats in other arenas. For the best experience, aim for the lowest possible rows in these sections.

For Footprint Center Concerts:

  • For concert: The best seats in the 200 level may vary depending on the stage setup. Generally, sections 209-213 (which are located around the bowl) provide a straight-line view towards the stage. I’d recommend you to check the specific event layout for your concert.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Upper level seats are among the more affordable options.
  • Good Views: Especially from lower rows, these seats offer solid views of the action.
  • Lively Atmosphere: The upper levels often have an enthusiastic crowd.
  • Amenities Access: Despite being higher up, these seats maintain convenient access to food, beverages, and restrooms.


  • Distance from Action: The upper level is farther from the court, which can impact the viewing experience.
  • Accessibility Challenges: For those with mobility issues, accessing higher rows might be less convenient.

In summary, upper level seats at the Footprint Center can provide a good experience, particularly if you choose the right section and row depending on the type of event you are attending. The affordability and the arena renovations make these Footprint Center nosebleed seats valuable even though they aren’t the closest seats to the action. ​

Updates to Footprint Center Nosebleed Seats

The Footprint Center in Phoenix underwent a significant transformation with its $245 million renovation completed between 2019 and 2020. This comprehensive upgrade touched nearly every aspect of the fan experience.

  • Improved Videoboards: The installation of a new 3,550-sq.-ft., high-definition center-hung scoreboard, which is six times larger and clearer than the previous one, ensures that fans in the upper levels have an unobstructed and more detailed view of the action below. The addition of new LED ribbon boards around the upper and lower bowls further enriches the visual experience.
  • Enhanced Lighting: The introduction of theater-style lighting creates a more immersive event experience. This lighting system can dynamically change to match the event’s mood, thereby enhancing the overall ambiance for fans in the upper levels.
  • Accessibility and Comfort: All seats within the seating bowl, including those in the upper levels, have been updated to enhance comfort. This ensures a more enjoyable experience, even from higher vantage points.
  • Improved Concessions: The creation of a new food court, inspired by local food trucks, offers a variety of dining options in a casual, family-friendly environment. This addition, along with new grab-and-go markets, makes the food and beverage experience more convenient inside the arena and enjoyable for fans in the upper levels.

The upgrades have not only made the arena more comfortable and engaging but also more environmentally friendly, setting a new standard in the sports and entertainment industry.

Which Footprint Center Nosebleed Seats are Most Accessible?

The Footprint Center offers a range of accessibility features designed to ensure a comfortable experience for all guests, including those with disabilities, particularly in its upper level seating areas. For parking, the arena has a dedicated accessible parking garage on the west side, with entrances at 1st Street & Madison, and additional accessible parking is available at nearby garages.

Inside the arena, guests will find wheelchair-accessible seating in various locations, including the upper concourse. These seats are available at different price points and can be booked by contacting the Footprint Center ticket sales. For those who need seating with no stairs, “Limited Mobility/Ambulatory Accessible” seats are available in specific rows, providing easy access and comfortable viewing​​.

In terms of in-arena facilities and services, the Footprint Center is equipped with elevators and escalators, providing easy access to the upper concourse. Family restrooms are available across the building, including the upper concourse, catering to guests who need assistance.

The arena also provides a range of accessibility aids and services, such as FM assisted listening receivers, captioning visible from every seat, sensory bags with weighted lap pads, and wheelchair escorts. Additionally, Guest Services is available to assist with various needs, including storage of mobility aids and assistance with seating.

The Phoenix Suns introduced new fan experience features at the Footprint Center in 2023, including streamlined security processes allowing fans with small bags to pass without emptying pockets, self-scanning ticket kiosks at all entrances, and a new lighting system that syncs with the arena’s sound system.


Where to buy Footprint Center Upper Level Seats

Buying Footprint Center Upper Level Seats from the Arena

The main ticket office at the Footprint Center is located on the northwest side of the arena, near the intersection of 1st Street and Jefferson Street. Click here to view this area. If you would rather purchase tickets online, this is where you can do that.

It is important to understand, if you are hoping to walkup and buy event tickets at Footprint Center for an event that same day, there may not be tickets available if the event is already sold out. Checking availability prior to the event is advised (or purchase your tickets online instead of waiting to buy at the arena).  

If the event is soldout, you can still purchase nosebleed Footprint Center tickets through the secondary ticket market.

Second Ticket Marketplace for Footprint Center Upper Level Seats

The secondary ticket market provides an opportunity for fans to purchase tickets even after they have sold out through the primary market. This allows individuals who missed out on the initial event ticket release to still attend the event.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • The secondary market often offers a wide range of ticket options, including anything from premium seating to the cheaper nosebleed seats. This allows fans to choose tickets that suit their preferences and budget. Some fans like the ability to shop around at different ticket sites to find a price and seat that makes sense for them.
  • The re-sell market can be particularly useful for individuals who decide to attend a Footprint Center event on short notice. It provides a platform for last minute Footprint Center tickets, allowing fans to find and buy tickets even hours before the event starts.
  • One of the significant drawbacks of the secondary market is that ticket prices are typically higher than their face value. Sellers in the secondary market often set prices based on demand, scarcity, opponent, and other market factors (we discuss this more in the next section).

The re-sell ticket market is also susceptible to counterfeit tickets and fraudulent sellers. It’s important to exercise caution and purchase tickets from reputable platforms to minimize the risk of encountering fake tickets. Most reputable platforms have consumer protection guarantees.

How to get last minute Suns tickets

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