How to Get Taylor Swift Floor Seats for Eras Tour [Field Tickets]

Sitting close to the stage for a Taylor Swift concert can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but getting your hands on these types of tickets can be difficult. How can you get floor seats for Taylor Swift?

  • Sold-out Event – If your event is already sold-out, you can still get Taylor Swift floor tickets by shopping at online ticket brokers like StubHub, Ticketmaster, and Vivid Seats where you can buy tickets that are being re-sold by other fans. In most cases, this is the best way to get floor seats. Click here to view Taylor Swift floor seats available for purchase at Vivid Seats (paid affiliate link takes you to

Taylor Swift concerts sell out very quickly due to obvious popularity. However, if you are planning ahead, you can try to get tickets through the primary ticket provider (which is Ticketmaster). However, as we discussed above, if the original allotment of tickets is sold-out, you can still get Taylor Swift field seats by shopping at online ticket brokers like StubHub and Vivid Seats.

To clarify, the name of these types of tickets can differ depending on the type of stadium. For arena’s and concert venues, these types of seats are referred to as floor seats. In larger stadiums, these seats are usually called field seats or lawn seats.

In this article let’s take a closer look at how to get Taylor Swift field/floor seats. Let’s also discuss how much you can expect to pay for these types of floor seats.

How to Buy Tickets for Taylor Swift Floor Seats

Buying Taylor Swift Floor Tickets from Ticketmaster

Taylor Swift tickets are initially offered through Ticketmaster (the primary ticket provider). These tickets sell out very quickly.

Fans can purchase Taylor Swift floor seats through Ticketmaster’s website after the concert dates and locations are announced as long as supplies last. Creating a Ticketmaster account beforehand is best. There are usually presale opportunities for certain groups to secure tickets.

If the concert is sold-out, you can still search for sold-out Taylor Swift tickets by visiting online ticket brokers. Examples of online ticket brokers include StubHub, Vivid Seats, Ticketmaster, and Seat Geek (among others).

These re-sell ticket marketplaces are referred to as the secondary ticket market. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Secondary Market Taylor Swift Floor Tickets

The secondary ticket market provides an opportunity for fans to purchase tickets even after they have sold out through the primary market. This means if you are late to the party and still want to buy Taylor Swift floor seats, these online ticket brokers give you a chance to do that.

On these platforms, you are buying tickets from other fans (these types of secondary market tickets are often referred to as “re-sale tickets”).

Here are some other things to consider:

  • The secondary market often offers a wide range of ticket options, including premium floor seating, VIP packages, and tickets for specific sections or rows. This allows fans to choose Taylor Swift tickets that suit their preferences and budget. Some fans like the ability to shop around at different ticket sites to find a price and seat that makes sense for them.
  • The secondary market can be particularly useful for individuals who decide to attend an event on short notice. It provides a platform for last minute Taylor Swift ticket purchases, allowing fans to find and buy tickets even hours before the event starts.
  • One of the significant drawbacks of the secondary market is that ticket prices are typically higher than their face value. Sellers in the secondary market often set prices based on demand, scarcity, and other market factors (we discuss this more in the next section). This means if you are looking for sold-out Taylor Swift tickets, you may need to pay a premium to secure a ticket.

The secondary ticket market is also susceptible to counterfeit tickets and fraudulent sellers. It’s important to exercise caution and purchase tickets from reputable platforms to minimize the risk of encountering fake tickets. Most reputable platforms have consumer protection guarantees (learn more).

Cost of Taylor Swift Floor Seats

In the secondary ticket market, the prices of Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets can fluctuate significantly from their original face value. The price is determined by factors such as demand, venue capacity, seating location, and the proximity to the concert date.

Because Taylor Swift floor tickets are in high demand, re-sell tickets can be pricey. Some floor seats may push into the $2000-$5000 range depending on venue.

Taylor Swift Floor vs Pit vs Lower Bowl Tickets

If you want to sit close to the action at a Taylor Swift Concert, there are three main types of seating to consider: lower bowl, floor, and pit tickets. As we have discussed, floor seats are also referred to as field seats or lawn seats in some venues.

What are lower bowl seats? The lower bowl seats are the lowest level of stadium seating, and will give you a higher perspective than floor seats. Some people actually prefer lower bowl seating because they feel like it gives them a better angle to view the concert.

The pit is the area between the floor seats and the stage, and is usually standing-room only (meaning in most venues this area does not have chairs). Not all Taylor Swift Eras Tour concerts will have a pit area. Let’s take a closer look at how these different types of seats compare.

Pit SeatsFloor SeatsLower Bowl
– Extreme Proximity: Up-close and immersive view of the stage.– Close Proximity: Intimate view of Taylor Swift’s performance.– Great View: Broad perspective of the stage and concert production.
– Intense Energy: High-energy atmosphere with passionate fans.– Comfortable Seating: Assigned seats for a more comfortable experience.– Comfortable Seating: Assigned seats for a more comfortable experience.
– Potential Obstruction: Shorter attendees may have their view obstructed by taller concertgoers.– Price: Generally more expensive than lower bowl seats.– Distance: Further away from the stage compared to pit and floor seats.
– Usually Standing Only: Physically demanding, especially for longer shows.– Limited Movement: May have restrictions on dancing or moving around.– Price: Can still be a bit pricey compared to upper deck seating in stadiums.

Taylor Swift Pit Seats

  • Pros – The atmosphere in the pit is charged with intense energy as passionate fans gather here to be as close to the action as possible. Moreover, there’s a higher chance of interacting with Taylor during the show, adding to the excitement.
  • Cons – It’s essential to consider that pit seating is most often standing-room-only, which can be physically demanding, especially during longer concerts. Additionally, shorter attendees may find their view obstructed by taller concertgoers in front of them, which might diminish the experience. If you prefer having an assigned seat, Taylor Swift floor seats will be the better option. Availability of these types of seats can vary by event.

Taylor Swift Floor Seats

  • Pros – These Taylor Swift floor seats strike a balance between proximity and comfort. You’ll still be very close to the stage, providing an intimate view of Taylor Swift’s performance, but with the added benefit of assigned seating. This means you won’t have to stand for the entire concert, offering a more comfortable experience.
  • Cons – Floor seats often come with a higher price tag compared to lower bowl seats, making them a premium option. And some fans prefer the higher vantage point that lower bowl seats provide compared to these Taylor Swift floor tickets.

Taylor Swift Lower Bowl Seats

  • Pros – For a broader view of the entire stage and production, lower bowl seats are an excellent choice. They still put you close to the action (but usually not quite as close as floor seats). Being elevated above the floor and stage, you’ll have a clear perspective of Taylor Swift’s performance, including visual effects and choreography. Lower bowl sections typically offer assigned seating, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Cons – The trade-off for the elevated view is the increased distance from the stage compared to most floor seats. While still providing a great view, the experience might be less intimate compared to pit or floor seating. Furthermore, the chances of direct interaction with Taylor or being noticed by her during the show are lower.

The choice between Taylor Swift floor seats vs lower bowl seats for the Eras Tour largely depends on your personal preferences and priorities. If you seek an up-close experience, floor seats are the better option. However, if you value a broader perspective and higher vantage point, lower bowl seats might be the way to go.

Be sure to consider your budget, physical comfort, and the level of intimacy you desire when making your decision.

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