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Every Lakers fan dreams of witnessing the magic unfold up close. Lakers bench seats and Lakers tunnel seats offer an unmatched perspective on the game and players. How can you get tickets near the Lakers bench or tunnel?

  • Sold-out Event – Due to the popularity of the Los Angeles Lakers, most of their games sell out quickly. If you are searching for seats near the Lakers bench or tunnel, you will likely need to use online ticket brokers like StubHub, Ticketmaster, and Vivid Seats where you can buy tickets that are being re-sold by other fans. Click here to view Lakers tickets located near the bench that are available for purchase at Vivid Seats (paid affiliate link takes you to Sections 101, 119 & 118 are located near the Lakers’ bench.

In this article let’s take a closer look at how to get seats near the Los Angeles Lakers bench and discuss how purchasing Los Angeles Lakers tickets on re-sell platforms can affect price.

Finding Re-Sell Tickets Near Lakers Bench

Understanding the Re-sell Market

The ticket landscape has evolved dramatically with the rise of online ticket brokers. When primary sources sell out, these platforms become the go-to place for fans. They host a plethora of sellers, each looking to offload their tickets, sometimes even at the last minute.

When you buy a Lakers ticket from the re-sell marketplace, you are buying a ticket being sold by another fan. Here are some things to consider about this:

  • The secondary market often offers a wide range of ticket options, including premium lower level seating. This allows fans to choose seats near the Lakers bench that suit their preferences and budget. Some fans like the ability to shop around at different ticket sites to find a price and seat that makes sense for them.
  • The secondary market can be particularly useful for individuals who decide to attend an event on short notice. It provides a platform for last minute Lakers tickets, allowing fans to find and buy floor seats even hours before the event starts.
  • One of the significant drawbacks of the secondary market is that ticket prices are typically higher than their face value. Sellers in the secondary market often set prices based on demand, scarcity, and other market factors (we discuss this more in the next section). This means if you are looking for seats near the Lakers bench and the event is sold-out.

Please Note: The secondary ticket market is susceptible to counterfeit tickets and fraudulent sellers. It’s important to exercise caution and purchase tickets from reputable platforms to minimize the risk of encountering fake tickets.

Which Sections are Closest to Lakers Bench?

Courtside Seats Near Lakers Bench

Courtside seats are the most desired ticket in basketball. Courtside seats near the Lakers bench will offer you an unparalleled view of the action. And of course, the Lakers’ courtside is a hotspot for Hollywood’s elite, giving you the chance to be seated next to, or even interact with, some of their favorite celebrities.

This proximity also often leads to spontaneous interactions with the players themselves. Whether it’s a brief conversation during a timeout or a high-five during a particularly celebratory moment, the barrier between fan and player becomes almost non-existent.

To top it all off, those with courtside seats are often given the VIP treatment, from priority entrances to exclusive access to particular areas of the arena.

However, as enticing as they sound, there’s a hefty price tag associated with these types of seats, which can often be a deterrent for many fans. The exclusivity and limited number of Lakers courtside tickets mean they’re in high demand, especially during significant games, making them even harder to secure.

For many fans, the Loge Level will be a better option if you are looking for tickets near the Lakers bench.

Loge Level Seating Options

More budget-friendly than courtside, the Loge Level still offers an immersive experience. Here’s some of the most important information to consider:

  • Sections 101, 119 & 118: These sections are located behind the Lakers bench.
  • Section 117: A unique location. This section stretches from the baseline to right above the tunnel. Players pass beneath you, and you might even get a nod or two.
  • Section 116: These seats offer a strategic vantage point on the baseline behind the goal.

Lakers Tunnel Seats

As mentioned above, Arena section 117 has the seats close to the Lakers tunnel. Section 117 stretches from the baseline to up around and past the tunnel itself.

It’s also worth nothing that as of 2023, Arena has introduced Lakers Tunnel Suites. These suites (which are under construction as part of a three-year renovation of the venue) will sit lower than the original 170 luxury suites that ring the arena (source).

How Much are Tickets Near Lakers Bench?

Courtside Seat Pricing

Being this close to the action is pricey. Courtside tickets near the Lakers bench often range from $10,000 to $20,000+. Games against high-profile opponents or during playoffs can command even more.

Loge Level Bowl Seating Prices

The pricing here is varied:

  • Generally starts around $500 on ticket re-sell sites, but can exceed $3,000 for seats closer to the court and Lakers bench. Sections 116 and 117 on the baseline tend to be a bit cheaper than Sections 119, 118, and 101 behind the Lakers bench. This is due to the fact that the depth perception on baseline seats isn’t as good. However, 117 does have tunnel seats and Lakers Tunnel Seat Pricing can be a bit more.

The trick? Monitor multiple platforms, set price alerts, and be ready to pounce when a deal appears.

Los Angeles Lakers Games 2023/2024

Tue, Oct 24@ Denver
Thu, Oct 26vs Phoenix
Sun, Oct 29@ Sacramento
Mon, Oct 30vs Orlando
Wed, Nov 1vs LA
Sat, Nov 4@ Orlando
Mon, Nov 6@ Miami
Wed, Nov 8@ Houston
Fri, Nov 10@ Phoenix
Sun, Nov 12vs Portland
Tue, Nov 14vs Memphis
Wed, Nov 15vs Sacramento
Fri, Nov 17@ Portland
Sun, Nov 19vs Houston
Tue, Nov 21vs Utah
Wed, Nov 22vs Dallas
Sat, Nov 25@ Cleveland
Mon, Nov 27@ Philadelphia
Wed, Nov 29@ Detroit
Thu, Nov 30@ Oklahoma City
Sat, Dec 2vs Houston
Tue, Dec 12@ Dallas
Wed, Dec 13@ San Antonio
Fri, Dec 15@ San Antonio
Mon, Dec 18vs New York
Wed, Dec 20@ Chicago
Thu, Dec 21@ Minnesota
Sat, Dec 23@ Oklahoma City
Mon, Dec 25vs Boston
Thu, Dec 28vs Charlotte
Sat, Dec 30@ Minnesota
Sun, Dec 31@ New Orleans
Wed, Jan 3vs Miami
Fri, Jan 5vs Memphis
Sun, Jan 7vs LA
Tue, Jan 9vs Toronto
Thu, Jan 11vs Phoenix
Sat, Jan 13@ Utah
Mon, Jan 15vs Oklahoma City
Wed, Jan 17vs Dallas
Fri, Jan 19vs Brooklyn
Sun, Jan 21vs Portland
Tue, Jan 23@ LA
Thu, Jan 25vs Chicago
Sat, Jan 27@ Golden State
Mon, Jan 29@ Houston
Tue, Jan 30@ Atlanta
Thu, Feb 1@ Boston
Sat, Feb 3@ New York
Mon, Feb 5@ Charlotte
Thu, Feb 8vs Denver
Fri, Feb 9vs New Orleans
Tue, Feb 13vs Detroit
Wed, Feb 14@ Utah
Thu, Feb 22@ Golden State
Fri, Feb 23vs San Antonio
Sun, Feb 25@ Phoenix
Wed, Feb 28@ LA
Thu, Feb 29vs Washington
Sat, Mar 2vs Denver
Mon, Mar 4vs Oklahoma City
Wed, Mar 6vs Sacramento
Fri, Mar 8vs Milwaukee
Sun, Mar 10vs Minnesota
Wed, Mar 13@ Sacramento
Sat, Mar 16vs Golden State
Mon, Mar 18vs Atlanta
Fri, Mar 22vs Philadelphia
Sun, Mar 24vs Indiana
Tue, Mar 26@ Milwaukee
Wed, Mar 27@ Memphis
Fri, Mar 29@ Indiana
Sun, Mar 31@ Brooklyn
Tue, Apr 2@ Toronto
Wed, Apr 3@ Washington
Sat, Apr 6vs Cleveland
Sun, Apr 7vs Minnesota
Tue, Apr 9vs Golden State
Fri, Apr 12@ Memphis
Sun, Apr 14@ New Orleans

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