What are Garden View Seats for Boston Celtics Games & Are They Worth It? [TD Garden]

When it comes to experiencing a Celtics game, there’s no better way to relish every moment than in the luxury of the TD Garden’s premium seating options. One such option that stands out for larger groups seeking both luxury and the exhilarating atmosphere of a sports lounge is the Garden View Seats. What are Garden View Seats for Boston Celtics games?

Garden View Seats are premium seats inside TD Garden that provide an upscale sports lounge experience for larger groups of 50-60 guests. These seats offer plush theater-style seating on a private terrace, original Parquet flooring, an in-suite bar, and an all-inclusive food package. It’s a luxurious blend of private suite comforts with a lively game-watching ambiance.

In this article let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Garden View Seats for Boston Celtics games so you can decide whether or not these seats make sense for you.

An Overview of Celtics Garden View Seats

Designed for Large Groups

The Garden View suite is tailored for those who want to enjoy Celtics basketball with a larger group. Whether it’s for a corporate event, a large gathering of friends, or even a big family outing, this suite is perfect for groups ranging from 50 to 60 guests.


While the game action is a spectacle in itself, the Garden View suite takes the experience several notches higher. Among its standout features:

  • Plush Theater-style Seating: Ensuring every guest has a comfortable vantage point to watch the game.
  • Original Parquet Flooring: Infusing a sense of history and heritage, reminiscent of the Celtics’ iconic court.
  • Private Bar and All-Inclusive Food Package: Luxury is also about the finest culinary experiences, and the Garden View suite does not disappoint.

Tickets and Add-ons

Every Garden View suite booking comes with 50 tickets, ensuring that your group can enjoy the game together. Additionally, for those who wish to accommodate more fans or guests, there’s an option to add up to 10 Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets.

Food and Beverages

One of the highlights of the Garden View suite is the all-inclusive food package, meticulously crafted to serve 50 guests, ensuring everyone can indulge in a gastronomic feast while enjoying the game.

Number of Tickets50 (with an option to add 10 SROs)
Food PackageAll-inclusive, designed for 50 guests
Seating StylePlush theater-style
Unique FeaturesOriginal parquet flooring and private bar

Are Garden View Seats Worth It?

When it comes to deciding on a premium experience like the Garden View Seats for a Boston Celtics game, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the costs. Here’s a decisive take on whether these luxurious seats are truly worth your investment.

The Pros

  • Luxurious Experience: Few can rival the sheer luxury of Garden View Seats. They’re designed to offer an opulent viewing experience, complete with plush theater-style seating.
  • All-inclusive Food Package: You won’t have to bother with additional expenses or the inconvenience of ordering during the game. The comprehensive food package ensures all guests can feast without disruptions.
  • Ideal for Group Events: With the capacity to accommodate 50-60 guests, these seats are perfect for corporate outings, big family gatherings, or large groups of friends.
  • Rich Historical Vibe: The original parquet flooring adds a touch of nostalgia, immersing you in the deep-rooted history of the Celtics.
  • Private Bar: Need we say more? Your beverages, your way – and always within reach.

The Cons

  • Pricey: As with all premium experiences, the Garden View Seats come with a premium price tag.
  • Not Suitable for Smaller Groups: If you’re a small group, the Garden View suite might be excessive. You might not utilize all the amenities, making it less cost-effective.
  • Limited Availability: Given the exclusive nature of these seats, they’re often in high demand. You might need to book well in advance, limiting spontaneous game-day plans. Sold out Celtics tickets.

Garden View Suite Alternatives

Here is how the Garden View Suites compare to other popular options for Celtics games:

Suite OptionCapacityFeaturesBest For
Single Game Suite18-21Private luxury suite; Ideal for small group events; Unique experienceCorporate outings, Holiday parties, Family events
Executive View25-30Overlooks TD Garden parquet; All-inclusive food packageNetworking events, Meetings, Family and friends gatherings
Garden View50-60Upscale lounge atmosphere; In-suite bar; All-inclusive food; Plush terrace seats; Original flooringLarge group events
Rafters Studios36-230Level 9; Expandable spaces; Exclusive entrance; Inclusive food; Private bar; Upscale food stationsLarge client entertainment, Hosting very large groups

If you are interested in premium seating, you also could consider Celtics courtside seats. To learn more about all your options, visit the Boston Celtics premium tickets page.

Pictures of Garden View Seats

You can get pictures and views of Garden View Seats below:

  • TD Garden Seat FinderThis link will take you to the TD Garden Seat Finder where you can get real images of your seats.
  • Celtics Suite PageYou can visit the Boston Celtics Premium Seating page to see images of the Garden View Seats.

How to Get Garden View Seats for Celtics Games?

For fans who wish to elevate their Celtics game experience, the Garden View Seats at the TD Garden offer an unparalleled mix of luxury, history, and an electrifying sports atmosphere. To get more information or to book your suite, fans can visit the Boston Celtics Premium Tickets page online.

On the premium tickets pages, fans can find contact information to call, email, or chat with a representative who will provide more information about Garden View seating.

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